Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time Is Of The Essence, Make Your Webpage Excellent

Creating a good website comes from the trial and error process. learn few tips below to make a website true excellence.

Know your audience: First and foremost, you as a webmaster need to know who your targeted visitors are. This is of course the most important first step anyone can make. With your targets, you can then move on to what your audiences want. Have content on what your audiences want to read. Remember, no matter how good your website is to you, it is pointless if no body else likes it.

Keep your layout interesting: A good website should be pleasant to read. Make sure neither the text nor the background is an eyesore, not too bright or too dim. Text should also be in an appropriate size, not too small and not too big either. Graphics might help, but never overuse graphics. Not everyone is using a T1 connection out there.

Navigational Toolbar: Have a navigational toolbar, preferably at the side where all the hyperlinks are displayed. It is easier to move around your webpage with a toolbar, keeping track of where you've been and where to click on next. Make sure it satisfies a visitors needs allowing them to get around your website with minimum setbacks.

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors: Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical inaccuracies. Keep your language simple, understandable and error free.

Promote your site: Next thing to do is to bring in Visitors on your website. Join a link exchange program,there are plenty of sites offering this scheme. Perhaps providing free items, like free downloads will increase the popularity of your site. Other ways includes writing blogs or e-books with lots of links connecting to your site.

Broken hyperlinks: Just never have even a single broken hyperlink. Make sure all possible clicks lead to somewhere useful. A broken hyperlink will give your visitor an impression that the webmaster never updates his/her site. It destroys the mood of an eager visitor wishing to land their minds on a certain section only to find out that the hyperlink leads no where.

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