Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Factors To Get Website Indexed By Major Search Engines

To get all pages of the web site indexed by major search engines is the most important phase in SEO process . For a website it’s very important to get indexed by the Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. For the website to get indexed in search engine it takes very long and lots of time and patience is required.
Here are few simple techniques that you can use to invite search engine Crawler to your web sites.
  1. Simple Web Site Navigation: Your web site navigation scheme should be designed in such a way that visitors and search engines’ spiders can easily go through all the pages easily and without any difficulty. Web site navigation scheme plays a vital role in web site indexing.
  2. SEO Implying Web Site Design: Most of the web designers design a web site not knowing the algorithms of major search engines’ and what SEO elements should be taken into account while making a website that too search engine friendly. So it is very important that when ever the website is designed, the man SEO aspects are kept in mind.
  3. Embedded Java and other Scripts in code: Many websites use JavaScript in the code to improve look and feel or functionality. But this is no good from SEO point of view. It is recommended that a separate JavaScript file be used to call all JavaScript from. Java Script makes the HTML coding a bit heavy and provide hindrance for search engine bot to crawl the page.
  4. Create HTML Site Map: Create an html site map to include links to all web site pages. This can help in guiding search engine crawler to all web site pages. It is recommended that the link of html site map be placed on top right corner of the home page of the web site.
  5. Exchange Your Web Site link: Exchanging your web site link with other web sites and web pages which are already indexed by major search engines is the important factors that help site indexing.

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