Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Bounce Rate A Ranking Factor For Google

Higher bounce rate is usually a sign of a lower quality web page also it effects overall website rankings. This also means that your web page either doesn't offer what the visitors are searching for or the usability of your web page isn't good.

To lower the bounce rate of your web pages
You can improve the bounce rate of your website by improving the content of your website making it more keyword rich and the usability of your web pages. Lowering the bounce rate of your web pages has two major effects for your website it's likely that you will get more visitors and traffic from search engines and your conversion rate will increase.

Bounce rate alone might not be used by Google as a ranking factor but combined with other factors, it could have an effect on the rankings.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why Google Rankings Drop

There are several reasons that can cause a ranking drop on major search engines, some of them are listed below.
  • Whenever you change your web pages or do any major updations on your website, Google temporarily downranks web pages.You don't need to worry about the ranking drop as you'll get your old rankings back after some time.
  • As your competition keeps on growing so might be other web pages are better than yours. In that case, optimize your web page for more targted keywords and try to get more better inbound links.
  • Google might think that you are using spam elements on your webpages you can find out if your website has been penalized or not. Search for your domain name on Google, if Google
    cannot find any page of your website if you search for "" then it's nearly sure that your website has been penalized.