Monday, January 28, 2008

Enhanced Breadcrumbs For SEO

A navigation path, which allows users to understand their current location on a Web site, is often called a breadcrumb. The basic breadcrumbs templates are used to create an alternate navigation scheme on your pages. And looks like the following
Home > Section page > Item Page
This is great for your customers and adding relevancy to your pages, also from SEO point of view Breadcrumbs are a great mechanism for creating keyword-rich links between pages of the website
  • The larger the site, more numerous these cross-links become. The “deeper” the page on a hierarchical site, the more links it will have to other pages.
  • Breadcrumbs result in more links to important pages — those that have more subordinate pages
  • Useful breadcrumbs typically use keywords, thus the links are automatically keyword rich.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quick Review Points To Check Website SEO Friendliness

Check for Relevancy and Design: Is the website design speaking your targets and themes well to the visitor as well as search engines too. This can be nicely achieved through a nice part of keyword rich content present on your website. Keep in mind that most of the top search engines will rank your site depending upon the topic they determine you are offering.

Use of keyword rich META Tags: META tags located within the invisible source of your web page. They are designed to provide the details of your web site to visiting search engine spiders

Search Engine ‘Unfriendly Dynamic URL’s : Unfriendly dynamic URL’s are a common side effect of using a Content Management System that is not designed with search engine rankings kept in mind so do re-writing of the URL’s to make them into non-dynamic form

Polish & Optimize Text: You have to keep your text engaging as well as smartly optimized to present an obvious topic to the visiting search engine spiders or visitors coming to your website.

Check for technologies used on your website

  • Frames: it makes your website less SEO Friendly, so avoid making use of frames else use ‘No Frames tags’.
  • Flash: Flash Files makes your website less SEO friendly and heavy to load.
  • Java script and CSS file: externalize it into .js file else place the java script code into the bottom.

Spot Check for Spam: some web designers add hidden text because they think it will help your rankings. This is entirely untrue and can cause extreme problems for your search engine visibility. Don’t use any spam techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text etc etc.

Navigation and Provide Clear Paths: Is the navigation within your site entirely graphical or programming oriented? In this case you should create a textual link menu at the bottom of your page

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Search Wikia : Budding Search Engine

Search Wikia, the widely-awaited competitor to Google is launched. Internet is buzzing with early reviews and thoughts.

Well the master mind behind the search wikia Jimmy Wales says “Search Wikia is an extremely alpha project. It's a project to build a search engine and not a full-fledged competitor to Google yet. We want to make sure people understand that it's in its very early days."

You can check Search Wikia at

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Which Link Type Will Help You To Get Higher Search Engine Rankings

There are a lot of talks online about the linkage process which process is more beneficial for business? is it one-way link, reciprocal link or three-way link. Which of these links help you to get higher search engine rankings?

Well a very realistic answer to all these queries is very simple and accurate.
  • None of the link types (one-way, two-way or three-way) is worth more than the other; it’s just that a good inbound link from a trustworthy website will help you to get higher search engine rankings.
  • It's important that the links to your website are from related sites and on-topic. If a one-way link is on a low quality page with links to every useless page then it won't count much. However, that's also true if the same page carries a one-way link or a three-way link.
  • What exactly matters is a link from a related website and on trusted webpage. Links from high quality websites will help to get higher search engine rankings, If you want to improve your search engine rankings, try to get links from web pages that have something to do with your site.