Monday, January 28, 2008

Enhanced Breadcrumbs For SEO

A navigation path, which allows users to understand their current location on a Web site, is often called a breadcrumb. The basic breadcrumbs templates are used to create an alternate navigation scheme on your pages. And looks like the following
Home > Section page > Item Page
This is great for your customers and adding relevancy to your pages, also from SEO point of view Breadcrumbs are a great mechanism for creating keyword-rich links between pages of the website
  • The larger the site, more numerous these cross-links become. The “deeper” the page on a hierarchical site, the more links it will have to other pages.
  • Breadcrumbs result in more links to important pages — those that have more subordinate pages
  • Useful breadcrumbs typically use keywords, thus the links are automatically keyword rich.


Anurag said...

Excellent work done Neha!
I am reading your blogs regularly.
Nice posts.

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