Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Your Web Page Titles Can Help You With Local Search

If your website sells something for related to a special area, it is crucial that your website gets found by the right people. One of the easiest ways to get found by people that live in business targeted area is to optimize your web page titles.

What is the web page title?
The title of a web page is the text that is written between the title tags in the HTML code of a web page. The web page title is displayed in the web browser window and it is usually used as the linked text heading on the top when your website appears in the search results.

Importance of having optimized web page titles.
Title is the major factor that search engines use to rank web pages. A good web page title greatly improves the chances of getting high search engine rankings.

Change your web page title so that it gets better local rankings.
By changing your webpage title you'll benefit from targeted traffic and you'll get more sales than before. Here are some things that you can do to improve your web page titles:

  • Include the name of your business, important keywords and your city in the title of your homepage:E.g. High Heels - The shoe shop for inexpensive footwear in London

  • Depending on your business size and type, change the order of Meta keywords. Big brand businesses should list their company name first. If your business is new then it's usually better to list the keyword first: E.g. The shoe shop for inexpensive footwear: High Heels in London

  • Use a different title tag for every page. This is important. The title should reflect the content that can be found on the page. For branding purposes, the titles should contain your company name and a popular keyword for which you want to be found on search engines: E.g. High Heels: Buy inexpensive sneakers in London

  • Do not use special characters in your titles. Avoid symbols and other special characters. They might not be displayed properly on all computers and your website might look strange in the search results.

If you update your web page titles as discussed, your website will get better rankings on search engines and it will be found by people who live in the right targeted area where you want your business to grow.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Social Bookmarking Software Has Knocked The Online Market

Social bookmarking software is a fortunate thing for busy webmasters as more number of social bookmark sites has emerged in the last few years and have added a new element to online interactive communities.

Social bookmarking software has knocked the market. Many like minded people share articles, tips and general advice through the massive social networking sites e.g. Digg,, Furl, etc, etc that offer visitors the power to tag keywords based on the relevant content/write-ups.

Social bookmarking is the easiest way for online surfers to share information with other like minded people. Social bookmarking software helps to effectively regulate the reviews/views and this can have a powerful viral effect. Social bookmarking software is essential for the online web surfers as just one good informative article can be shared and tagged with a relevant anchor text link keyword phrase across many networks and will often find a top 10 position at search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN as users tag the keyword phrase.