Friday, October 12, 2007

Abet of Meta Tag incorporation in SEO

The Importance of Meta Tags in SEO is very high as it helps to get your website or Blog visible to search engines. Meta Tags are used by search engines to allow them to accurately list your site in their indexes.To Make your website or blogs friendly to search engines has great benefits in increasing your page ranks too. The most Important tags that should be implemted on the website or blog for better ranking are listed below:

Title Tag: Title Tag is the first part of any Meta Tag. Taking an example of book, we can say Title tag is very similar to the title of a book; it gives a visitor the first hint as to the theme of the website. It is the most effective tag that is used to convey the theme of website to visitors.
In search engine results title are pulled from the title tag. Of course title tag is one of the most important factor in achieving high search engine rankings as well as traffic. Search engines use title tags to gather information about the website. Keywords in title tags are appeared in the hyperlink on the search engine result page. We include most important keywords in title tag which is related to site and represent nature of website.

Meta Description Tag: Description Tag is second important thing in Meta Tags. This tag gives visitors a concise and brief summary of web page content. In search engine result pages, after reading title of website a visitor reads the description of that web page/ web site and decide whether she/he will visit website or not.
A well written Meta Description Tag helps a page to rank higher for your targeted search terms. Description of Meta Tag should be nicely composed so that it could entice visitor to click on the website. So in nutshell, well composed description attracts search engine spiders as well as visitors. It just influences the website position in SERP.

Meta Keyword Tag: Search Engine uses wide variety of factors to determine the rankings. Meta Keyword tag also contributes to search engine ranking. It includes list of non repetitive and most important keywords for that particular page. These keywords are tracked by spiders of search engine. For any visitor query they just cross check the list of keywords in a keyword tag, if it matches most with the keyword list then provide user with results.

Meta Robots Tag: Meta Robots Tag gives the ability to specify whether search engines should index that page or follow the links appearing on that page. This tag helps in attracting spiders to website so that website could get crawled frequently. Also it tells the crawler to index the webpages or not.

Below is the link Of Meta-Tags Generator tool. Which helps to get the Meta Tags formed

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