Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quality of Link partners in SEO can not be overlooked

Quality of Link partners or say backlinks in SEO can not be overlooked as it is one of the strongest ways to pull your website or blog to the top indexed website category! Acquiring quality and relevant links is really a challenge to get your website fully done for search engine optimization.

Choosing a quality link partner that would help you to grow your business and could result in real time profit is one of the most important and difficult task in SEO. The main aim to have the link partners should always be full of fundamental reasons for making link exchanges as it would turn out our work easier!

Below are few ways that would certainly help in choosing the best link partner for your website.

  1. Google PageRank Important factor: always consider the Google PageRank of the resource website as the PageRank system of Google weighs the amount of links that points towards your site. It also measures the quality of those incoming links.
  2. Linking pages are indexed by Google: before looking for any link partner, always make sure that the pages of the resource website are indexed by the Google and especially that page where your link is going to appear.
  3. Use “Cached” link in the search result window: always make sure that you click on the cached link in the search result window because if you find your link there then this is a win-win situation for you otherwise you might have to look for some other partner.
  4. Check for the Number of links on the resource page: always make sure that you know the number of the links placed on the resource page. Ideally it should not go beyond 100 because in case, it is 200 or 300 then your website would be enjoying only bits and pieces.
  5. Relevant resource pages: always make a check for the theme of the website that it corresponds to the name and category appearing on the link pages. Always make sure that it relates to the business that your website is conducting because well organized links are always fruitful for your site and the visitors.
  6. Online Visibility: always make sure that the links are visible as people want to exchange links but they dont want people to leave their website through links to other websites, and they do not even provide a path to their link pages or make it very difficult to find.

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