Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Major Techniques To Boost Up The Ranking Factor

Keyword analysis: a proper keyword analysis should be done according website services to get majority of higher ranking keywords.

Link exchange program: It can be started with targeting the useful, same theme and quality websites for the link exchange. May it be reciprocal or one-way link exchange scheme. It is highly recommended to start with this process as back links to this website are very low.

Blog setup/Blogging: A blog can be setup for the website with a link back to the website homepage. A Blog is like a website with fresh and updated content. It provides useful and latest info to the visitors and is dearer to Search engines. These days search engine highly rank up the websites with links from blog. Search engines give them a preference in rankings, the foremost reason being Fresh content. Also, Blogs can be used as a good source of one way links too.

Content updation: homepage and other webpages should be updated from content point of view more keyword rich content should be added for better ranking of website.

PPC Campaigns: PPC campaigns can be setup for the website for the most targeted keywords to increase the traffic to the website. Also to rank on the top most positions for the most targeted and relevant keywords.

Local search submission: Website should be submitted to specialized local area search directories in the concerned category so that more and more traffic comes on the way through local searches.

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