Monday, October 8, 2007

SEO - Technique Of Fine Tuning Your Website

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is the technique of fine-tuning your website so that it appears more frequently and with a higher ranking in search engines, thereby increasing free traffic to the site. Each search engine compiles a database of web pages, which are then ranked by relevance when a particular search term is entered. Every search engine uses different algorithms in order to determine a web page's relevance for a given search. But there are a number of steps that can be taken to help a web page receive higher ranking in search results.

  • Search Engine Visibility
Make your site more visible in the search engines. To check the visibility of your web site if it is new just put the URL of your web site’s home page to the google search engine. If you will use then only anchor text will be displayed. But if you use then it will show URL as well as Description related to that link.

  • Meta Tags
  1. Meta Title Tag: Just use your keyword in your title tag but in a organized manner (logical sentence), but don’t use more than 3 keywords in title tag.
  2. Meta Description Tag: In the description tag describe the page content and also put the keywords related to the page. Don’t use more than 2 lines of description.
  3. Meta Keyword Tag: Put your keywords related to the page you want to optimize. Put only relevant keywords separated by commas.

  • Heading Tags
Like H1, H2, H3. Start your page content with heading tag. Put the most effective Keywords in heading tags.

  • Link Strategy
Your web site’s every page should be properly linked to Home page. Use keywords in the name of pages. There must be a way to every page from your home page. Use keywords in your link text.

  • Site Map Page
Site map page is the last but very important page of a web site. It is basically a route map that have link to each and every page of your web site.

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