Friday, June 20, 2008

What Optimal Keyword Density Should Be Used

Once you are done with your top keyword phrases and search terms what do you do next? It’s the implementation of your service specific and targeted keywords in the content, Meta-tags and other tags of the website to achieve a proper keyword density on the website for the targeted keywords. This will help to boost your search engine rankings also. The best possible keyword density range for strong search engine rankings is 5% – 15%. Below is a measure of the keyword density to what extend it will boost your website rank and to what level it hampers your website ranking.
Keyword Density Of 5% - 15%
If you have a density between 5 – 15% for relevant keywords phrases, then you’re at the optimal level for strong search engine rankings. Now you need to work on other elements of your search engine optimization to get top rankings for these search terms.
Keyword Density Greater Then 15%
If you have any terms that exceed 15%, you run the risk of being penalized by the search engines. Review your web page content and either add additional relevant text or reduce the usage of the keywords to reduce their density on your web page.
Keyword Density Less Then 5%
If you have a density below 5% on relevant keyword phrases, you need to enhance your content and increase the usage of such keywords across your page. The best way is to incorporate the terms into reader friendly content.

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