Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Organize Your Website Into Clear Sections

When structuring a website you should go for clear, easy-to-navigate and search engine friendly website architecture. This is good SEO practice for both search engine crawlers and visitors point of view. To do this you must organize your website into clear sections, so that in future also you can expand your website by dividing your website into manageable sections.

Here's a basic example of good site architecture:

There are many advantages to have good website architecture.
Easy to navigate: The intermediate and advanced user can easily navigate through the website structure which makes it very simple to understand the website.

Easy to maintain: when website is divided up into manageable sections it is easier to maintain than a site with an unorganized structure.

Well Defined Hierarchy: Pages with more generalized information are at the top of the hierarchy. As you navigate deeper into the site, pages present more specialized information.

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