Friday, June 27, 2008

Focus For On-page SEO

It’s very important from seo perspective to have your Meta-tags in proper order and patterns, as for crawler’s meta-tags are very important to catch online business. On-page SEO factors deal with the elements that are on the actual web page in the code. In SEO title tag is the strongest on-page SEO factor, so it's important to pay attention to it.

  • Make your title tag that is short and eye-catching, with keyword combinations if possible.
  • Title tag should still reads cleanly; do not have an unintelligible keyword-stuffed title, as this will display in the search engine listing for your website.
  • If you are a well-recognized brand, such as Nike, you can place your name at the beginning of the page title. This lets you build on the trust in your brand.
  • Less well-known companies should place their names near the end of the title, so that a browser's focus goes to the keywords in your title.

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