Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Get Your Website Crawled Soon By Search Engine Spiders

Once you are done with SEO on your website, the most important point that comes followed with the SEO steps is to get your website crawled by the search engine crawler. For this it’s very important that your website should possess some things that tempt the crawler everytime and it comes to your website to index it.
Some people don’t understand what they should do to get their website crawled soon by the search engine crawler. So below are few tips which would help you to get your website crawled soon by spiders.
  • The reasons that Search engines crawl yours site late is because Search engine can’t see any potential links pointing to your site. So the first thing you should do to get your site faster crawled by Search engines, is to gain more quality links pointing to your website. More quality links are pointing to your site more search engines faster it crawls your site.
  • If you don’t have Sitemap on your site, make one fast. Create sitemap soon with all your website links located in it and pace that on the server. Also make sure you link your sitemap to the top of the homepage only, so that when your homepage gets crawled your sitemap too gets crawled with all internal page links.
  • Host is also a very important point one should take care off. If your website is hosted on slow server the possible that your website will get crawled soon will reduce a lot. So switch your website to a host server which is fast and specific.
  • Updated your website with more unique information/content as regular as you can, this will show crawler that your website contains something new everytime it comes to your website.

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Anurag said...

Hi Neha,
Nice and informative post.
Helped in updating my knowledge.