Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Advanced Features of Google Analytics

Google analytics has come out to be one of the top analytical packages for all kinds of websites. It’ has emerged as a very imperative tool in the field of internet marketing. There are many features of Google Analytics and can help you do wonders with your website statistics.
The basic features that are offered in the account are like tracking top traffic/visits top visited and exit pages, top ranked keywords, Traffic sources ad much more. But these is a lot beyond this border line which many people don’t actually discover when they track there account. Let’s discuss few of them which will help you gain more knowledge about your website performance.

Tracking Particular link, banner and certain country clicks and RSS feed subscribers

If you want to track how many people clicked on a particular link or banner or an affiliate link on your site? How many people from a certain country click on your banner advert or even the number of visitors from Digg that clicked to sign up to your RSS feed. Google Analytics can track this for you quite easily by simply adding an onClick event to your hyperlink code.

a href="http://www.abc.com" onClick="javascript:urchinTracker ('/outgoing/rssfeed')
Every time somebody clicks on the link above GA will register a page view on the page www.yoursite.com/outgoing/rssfeed. You can view the results in the Top content section by filtering the results by adding the term in filter box “outgoing”

To Track the downloads
Downloads can be tracked again using the onClick event as:
a href="http://www.abc.com/files/map.pdf" onClick="javascript:urchinTracker ('/downloads/map')
These enhanced features helps to track the website performance in more depth.

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Petite said...

Thanks for the update about Google Analytics. I wasn't aware of this, and gladly I read it first in your blog.