Thursday, February 21, 2008

How To Improve The Link Structure Of The Website

Below are few steps that you can do to improve the rankings of targeted webpages on your website

  • Make sure that the most important pages on your site can be reached with as few clicks as possible from your home page.The fewer clicks you need to get to a web page, the more important it looks to search engines. Breadcrumbs navigation is a great help for the reach out of WebPages.
  • Link to the pages for which you want to have high rankings from all pages of your website use targeted keywords in the links to these pages that are related to that page. The easiest way to get related links to a web page is to link from your own website. But its very important to use keywords that are highly relevant and targeted.
  • Make the links on your website absolute. Do not link to mypage.htm but to
  • Add a nofollow attribute to all links that aren't important for your search engine rankings. For example, your privacy policy page or the web page with your terms and conditions probably needn't be listed in search engines.
  • If possible, remove unnecessary links from your web pages. fewer links you have on a page, the more important is the single link to the other pages on your site

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