Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Indented Listing For Your Keywords

Indented listings are the same website links in top 10 but the most relevant one for the searched query. The most relevant result is listed first, with other relevant pages from the same website indented below it.

How to get indented listings for your keywords

To get an indented listing for one or more of your keywords here are some of the points to follow:
  1. A very basic thing is to first have a web page that already has a top 10 ranking for a keyword.
  2. Your next step should be to create a second web page on the same domain and link it to the first webpage which is already ranking at top 10 positions for a keyword. Optimize the second page for the same keyword as page one but use different content and meta-tags.
  3. Link the first ranking webpage to second created webpage with your keyword phrase in the anchor text.
  4. Get inbound links from the website for the second page. Depending on the competition for the keywords high quality links can be enough to get the indented result.

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