Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SEO Friendly Domain Name

Domain Name or URL plays a very major role in any business. In SEO it is a major factor in getting better Search engine rankings. It's very important thing to do a thorough market research for the right kind of domain name selection, because once you have chosen a domain name then its forever.

First you have to see on your competitors and analyze their domain names also. then check out what domain name will suit more to your business. You should follow some points while selecting the domain name. Some of the points are as follows:

  • .com domain is preferable if you are targeting business over the entire world or else choose the respective geographical area domain name for your business.
  • Never use hyphens in domain names it will lose your website creditability
  • If someone owes the domain name which you wanted and that person is selling it for some higher rates, then try to contact them and buy it from them. There is nothing wrong in spending little more dollars to get a good domain name for successful business.
  • If possible keep your niche keyword in your domain name, so that you will get better SERPs with less effort.
  • Don’t use very long URL on your webpages try keeping the meaning full file names.

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