Monday, April 6, 2009

Three Things You Should Do To Optimization Webpage

Search engine rank single webpage in the results for single search term

A single webpage should be optimized for a single search term only. Do not optimize the same page for more than one search term; It is always better if a web page is highly relevant to one search term than somewhat relevant to many search terms.

Google considers all pages of your website

Optimizing different webpages of your website for different keywords that are all related to a certain topic, this will help Google to think that your website is relevant to this topic and it will be easier to get high rankings for your keywords. Although only a single page of your website will be listed in Google's search results for the targeted search term.

Optimized web page content and inbound links work hand-in-hand

Website having both optimized content and good inbound links will be much easier to get high rankings on Google. A web page that has been optimized for the search term "internet marketing" and has links from other web pages that use the same term "internet marketing" as the link text is much more likely to get a top ranking on Google than a page that only has the inbound links or the optimized content.

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