Thursday, November 15, 2007

How To Combine SEO with Ajax Based Websites

AJAX is a technology based on JavaScript that can get information flawlessly in the background onto an already loaded web page. First thing to remember before you start making your website is to build your site's structure and navigation using only HTML, Googlebot will be joyous looking at the HTML. Then, once you are done with website designs, link and content, you can flavor up the look and feel of the website by using Ajax as visitors with modern browsers can enjoy Ajax Features.

Design your website for Visitors and Search Crawlers too

One should always create website for Visitors also and not just for search engines. When you're designing your Ajax website, think about your visitor who may not be using a JavaScript-capable browser.

To read more about how to combine Ajax with search engine friendly design. Click the link below. Michael Wyszomierski and Greg Grothaus of Google have jotted down a very interesting article on the use of Ajax and search engine friendliness.

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