Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogs - Cost Effective And Simple Way to increase Traffic

Blog is basically a online journal related to a particular topic like food, politics, environment etc. Blogs consist of text, images and links to another blogs and websites too related to our website. The results in a blog appear in chronological order. BLOG itself is a website which facilitates users to give their own thoughts and suggestions

Benefits of blogging
  • Blogs contains categorized content and blogs are mainly rich in content as various readers can post their thoughts and also can update those posts. Crawler mainly admires rich content sites.
  • As blog is related to particular topic. So it is beneficial For web surfers because they will get the required information. So the traffic rate on blogs is more than that of normal websites.
  • Blogs contains the fresh content because blogs content is readily updated. And both the readers and search spiders reward fresh content.
  • Blogs can easily link to each other than the websites. Blogs supports text, images and videos. And more detailed information and opinions about a particular topic. So it attracts more incoming links and traffic.

So it can be summarized that blogs are very important for both the business point of view and seo point of view as blogs are the cost effective and simple way to increase traffic and incoming links to our website.

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