Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Many of Us Ask Often How Long Does It Take To Get Top Rankings On Google

Many people having website think that it is possible to get high rankings on Google by doing SEO within a few days. Unfortunately, this is not true. Competition on the Internet is very strong also there are many factors that influence Google listing your website.
  1. How old is your website?
    If you have a brand new website then certainly you have to wait. You can submit your website to Google but Google will only index your website if other websites link to your site.

  2. Website should not be Spammy
    You have to prove that your website is not spammy. Google has several filters for new websites and you have to earn Google's trust before your website can get high rankings. A new website can get good rankings for less competitive keywords but it usually takes about 6 months to gain the minimum level of trust that is necessary to get high rankings.

  3. How many inbound links does your website have?
    Old website with very few links will take longer to get high rankings on Google whereas an old website with many quality inbound links will get high rankings on Google soon, as Google will pick up the optimized pages on your website much quicker.

  4. Which keywords do you target?
    This is a very vital factor for rankings. The more competitive your keyword is, the longer you will have to wait to get high rankings and the more links and optimized pages you need. Start with multiple combo keywords that are related to your business and then optimize to the more competitive keywords when your website has good content and inbound links.

  5. How many days, weeks or months does it take exactly?
    Provided that your website has good inbound links and optimized web pages, you can get high rankings on Google within a few months if you have a brand new site and choose a very specific keyword that consists of several words. Old and established sites usually need some weeks for such a keyword. If you target industry keywords, which usually consist of two or more words, brand new sites usually need six months to a year to get high rankings. An established site might get the same result within 3 months. Highly competitive one word keywords usually require thousands of good inbound links. A brand new website can need several years to get high rankings for such a competitive keyword and even established sites can sometimes need more than a year. High rankings on Google take some time. You have to optimize your web pages and you have to get good inbound links. Without these two factors, it is not possible to get high rankings on Google.

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