Monday, July 7, 2008

Use Of Static URLs Over Dynamic Ones

As per SEO perspective its good practice to have Static URL's then Dynamic URL's as search engine crawlers have the ability to index and rank the static URL's more. Also a cleaner, easier to understand output is created. As you start to add more than one parameter to a URL search engine crawler have a dificult time indexing the URL. So the URL's which are not in the index will never rank or drive traffic from search engines.

Having keywords in URL structure is beneficial.
Having the keyword in your URL helps search engines understand what your page is about and also helps users know what they are likely to find on the page. See two examples below

Having Delimiters in URL structure
Delimiters are used in URLs to separate words.The best practice is to use a hyphen to separate words. Search engines do have the ability to understand other characters, such as an underscore, but the hyphen is preferred over an underscore for usability issues.

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